5 Things I Always Do When I Want to Reset my Body

5 Things I Always Do When I Want to Reset my Body

I’ve got a pretty solid routine of healthy habits that reliably keep me feeling energized, comfortable in my body and generally feeling pretty great.

But there are times when my routine gets disrupted and habits start to slip.

And when that happens, I find I don’t feel quite like myself.

My clothes fit more snugly.

I don’t wake up feeling completely refreshed.

I have an overall heavy feeling.

When I find myself in this place, I know that tightening up my habits for a couple weeks is the remedy.

I know doing so will quickly restore my vitality and get me feeling good in my body again.

There are 5 specific things that I really hone in on, and adhere to, in order to reset my body and to feel like myself again.

I know these things work, because I’ve experienced their rewards numerous times.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve also witnessed hundreds of clients experience their rewards.

Honestly, these aren’t difficult things to commit to. And it’s only 2 weeks.

You can do almost anything for two weeks. Right?

That’s what the 14 Day Guided Fall Cleanse is all about.

It’s a proven 2 week system for hitting the reset button on your body.

It’s not a fad diet or a quick fix.  It’s about lifestyle change.

Cleanse is 10/6 -10/19. Ramp up begins 9/28.

Within 2 weeks, you’ll start to feel positive changes in your body.

Here’s how that all works.



Eat Veggies

I’ll eat them with every meal and snack.  By increasing my veggies this way, I crowd out the not-so-great foods that crept in.  Loading up on veggies after a period of not-so-stellar eating, just feels really good in my body.  I feel lighter and cleaner very quickly.

I aim for at least half of my plate filled with veggies, especially the green ones. Baby greens piled up with various cooked and raw veggies and a drizzle of vinaigrette, stir-fries, chopped roasted veggies and various sauteed veggies are some of my go-to’s.

Cabbage, green beans or kale sautéed in garlic and olive oil with lemon and salt are a quick, easy stand by.

Batch Cooking

If you keep good food in the fridge, then you’ll eat good food.  Right?  This one habit makes all the difference to keeping me on track with eating well consistently.  On Sunday, I’ll spend an hour or two in the kitchen, prepping and cooking food that I can eat over the next handful of days.  I may make a couple of one dish meals like Fall-off-the-Bone Slow Cooker Chicken ,  Red Lentil Stew  or Vegetable Frittata.

Or I may just a prep a bunch of ingredients then put in 5-10 minutes worth of effort at meal time to transform them into different meals throughout the week.

Favorite ingredients:  roasted chicken thighs, caramelized onions, beet salad, white beans sautéed with garlic and olive oil, spaghetti squash, roasted veggies and cauliflower rice.

I can combine these prepped ingredients with other ingredients that I have on hand: leafy greens, eggs, avocados, artichoke hearts, lemon, canned chic peas, salsa, cherry tomatoes, olive tapenade, nuts and seeds.

Avoid Food Triggers

Food triggers are foods that often taste great but leave you feeling off.  I’ve done enough experimenting with my diet to definitively know that I have more energy, better digestion, less inflammation and fewer food cravings when I eat less sugar, flour and dairy.   Avoiding these foods 100% of the time would be unrealistic and impossible to do.  I aim for 85-90%.

When I’m tightening things up, however, I aim for as close to 100% as possible.    When I know it’s only for 14 days, it feels entirely manageable.

Knowing your food triggers can undoubtedly improve your health and prevent your mood, weight and energy from yo-yoing up and down.

Get Blood Sugar Balanced

This is such a BIG one for me!  Honestly, it’s a big one for a lot of the people I work with too.  Imbalanced blood sugar can translate into energy slumps, irresistible sugar / carb cravings and weight gain, especially around the belly.

Emphasizing protein fat and fiber at every meal – especially breakfast, helps to maintain a steady blood sugar level.

Not skipping meals or going too long between meals without eating is also essential for maintaining steady blood sugar.  The time between lunch and dinner is when I see things fall apart for most people in this aspect.

If you experience an energy crash accompanied by carb cravings around 4 in the afternoon, then try eating a snack with protein and healthy fat about 30-45 minutes before then and see how that changes things.  Good snack ideas:  guacamole or hummus with flackers/veggies, apple slices with nut butter or a slice of veggie frittata.

Nighttime Routine

Most of us know what time we should get to sleep by, in order to wake up feeling fully rested and refreshed, yet, we stay up later than we should.  Giving myself a “wind down” period and beginning my night time routine about an hour before I want to be asleep helps me to get the sleep I need to wake up the next morning without an alarm clock and feeling eager to begin my day.

Keeping electronics out of the bedroom (hard I know, but SUPER beneficial), getting more movement during the day and ingesting less caffeine/sugar will make it easier to get solid sleep.

Want a proven system for hitting the reset body on your body?

The 14 Day Guided Fall Cleanse, my most popular online program.

Within 2 weeks you’ll feel positive changes in your body.  Registration is open until 9/30.

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