One Super Simple Step Toward Healthier Eating that You Could Easily Take Right Now

One Super Simple Step Toward Healthier Eating that You Could Easily Take Right Now

Quick.  Run and find a bottle of store bought dressing.

Got it?  Good.

Now throw it in the trash can.

I know, I know, it might sound wasteful.

But either you waste a bottle of dressing or you flavor your food with a pro-inflammatory, chemical-laden mixture of crappy oils and toxic additives that will harm your health.

Pretty clear choice, right?

Next step….make your own dressing.  You’ll save money and take a HUGE step toward healthier eating.

I want to help make this as easy, as humanly possible for you, so I gathered all my favorite dressing recipes on one page for you.  Plus a bonus stir-fry sauce recipe.

I encourage you to do what I did with it – tape it to the inside of a cupboard door, right above the work area in your kitchen. (link to Dressing Recipes Cheat Sheet below)

Now when you’re in need of a really great dressing, open the cupboard door, choose a recipe, toss the ingredients in a jar, cover and shake.

Straightforward and uncomplicated.  Just as it should be.

BIG TIP:  Dressings are not JUST for salads.  They’re terrific for adding flavor to cooked foods (think roasted, grilled or steamed vegetables, grain and bean dishes, chicken, seafood),

When I’m preparing my food for the week, I usually make 1 or 2 dressings up front.

Having them on hand, helps me to throw together recipe-less meals with very little thought.

For lunch today, I grabbed some baby spinach, leftover roasted veggies and chicken from last night’s dinner and tossed it all together with balsamic vinaigrette.

Yesterday, I roasted shrimp and asparagus, then tossed it with quinoa and a light and lemony vinaigrette.

Get the idea?  The possibilities are endless.

Print out the Dressing Recipes Cheat Sheet and tape it up!  Then stock your pantry with the necessary ingredients.  You’ll be one step closer to preparing even more healthy food, in a way that is uncomplicated and, dare I say, enjoyable.

Go ahead.  You got this.  I’m sure of it.

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