Beet Salad with Dill and Lemon

Beet Salad with Dill and Lemon

When it comes to making beet converts of nonbelievers, I have a pretty stellar track record. This recipe in particular is the one that does it.

I receive rave reviews of this salad wherever I bring it. It’s so incredible simple, yet beets never tasted so good as when they’re prepared this was. Truly. There are a couple secrets. One, the lemon juice – don’t skimp on it. And two, let in sit in the fridge at least several hours, overnight is better, before serving.

A few more notes….

  • Smaller beets take less time to cook and taste less ‘earthy’.
  • Handling beets will temporarily stain your fingers pink – this is not to be feared. It’s cool to have pink fingers, and after a few hand washings, the color fades.
  • Golden beets don’t stain fingers, or anything else for that matter, and have a less earthy taste than red beets.
  • Beets are super easy to peel while they’re still warm after cooking, not so much when they’re room temperature or cold.
  • The greens attached to beets are edible. They’re delicious and taste like spinach.       They can be sauteed in garlic and olive oil with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkle of salt.

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Tina Annibell

Holistic health coach and self-taught cook with a focus on nutrient-dense, whole food that is gluten-free, refined sugar-free and mostly dairy-free.

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