Red Lentil Stew

Red Lentil Stew

This is one of those recipes that isn’t nearly as appealing on paper as it is in your mouth.

Red lentils range in color from orange to red. They are sweeter and nuttier than brown or green lentils. They take about 30 minutes to cook and tend to get fall apart and get mushy as they cook. You can find them in health food markets or on-line.

Burdock root, also known as Gobo, isn’t always an easy find, so grab it when you see it. Your best bets are health food markets or Asian markets. This long, slender tap root has a gorgeous chocolate brown skin and creamy white flesh. It kinda looks like a long, dirty, gnarly carrot. It is universally regarded as a blood cleanser, kidney tonic and potent detoxifier. It contains inulin which helps stabilize blood sugar metabolism, supports the digestive system and reduces excess fat. It is a very powerful immune system booster. The mucilaginous fiber of the root will absorb, bind and remove poisons and toxins from the digestive tract.

burdock root

In Healing Wise, Susun Weed says, “longevity, steady energy, sexual vitality, and freedom from chronic disease and cancer are a few of the reported effects of long-term frequent use of burdock.”

Imagine the sweet flavor of artichoke hearts paired up with a woodsy flavor and you’ll almost have the taste of burdock.

Do NOT peel away the mineral-rich chocolate brown skin – that is where many of the minerals are located.

Simply scrub the root and then cut into desired size and cook it as you would a carrot. Given its somewhat fibrous texture, I find it best to slice the root thinly on an angle into half-moons or as matchsticks.

If you can’t get your hands on burdock, either omit it or substitute another vegetable. Sweet potato, red-skin potato, butternut squash and parsnips would all go well.

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